Friday, August 29, 2014

iWatch: Apple's Biggest Gamble Ever

It's that time of year again! The weather is slowly getting cooler, Apple has announced their Special Media Event will be on September 9th, and to nobody's surprise, iPhone 6 parts are leaking left & right. But one thing remains incredibly mysterious: Will Apple finally reveal their long-rumored wearable device? The most recent reports all point to an iWatch reveal during the September 9th event. But will it be a watch at all? For all we know, it could just be a fitness band intended as a health companion to the iPhone. Or, it could be a full-blown smartwatch that doubles as a teleportation device!

Assuming the wearable device turns out to be what is widely expected, an actual smartwatch, it could very well be Apple's riskiest gamble ever. If it has as many sensors as reports have claimed, it'll almost definitely cost no less than $300 and knowing Apple, a $400 price tag is entirely plausible. This begs the nagging question- who will honestly spend $300-400 on this thing? Let's assume for a moment I'm completely wrong and they get the price down to $200. Would the average consumer spend $200 on it? Maybe. I believe it all comes down to whether or not you are a watch person. Watches have become more of a fashion statement than an actually useful device since the rise of smartphones. Even in professions that utilize watches as a kind of necessary tool (medical field workers, for example), do they really want a smartwatch that will need to be charged often?

To be fair, I am excited to see this thing (if it really exists) but I am also skeptical that Apple will price it at a level that somebody that's not an Apple enthusiast would pay. Furthermore, what will the purpose of this iWatch be that somebody with an iPhone couldn't do with their phone?

I guess we will all see what happens on September 9th when Apple holds their event. What do you think of Apple's rumored iWatch? Would you spend $300-400 on it?

Thanks for reading!

-TJ Volcheck